#1 Rule for Healthy Glowing Skin: Love your Skin

#1 Rule for Healthy Glowing Skin: Love your Skin

Love Your Skin


Everyone wants that healthy flawless glowing skin. And if you're like me, I tried everything imaginable. I'm sure my life long skin care expenses total more than my one and only Chanel bag. Like most people, I would buy whatever new magic product was on the market only to be irritated a few months later. If only someone would have told me the secret. The secret to that pregnancy glow without the pregnancy part. After spending too many coins and tiresome hours fighting with acne and discoloration, it came to me. The entire time I was so focus on getting that Glow, I had forgotten to Love My Skin along the way. It seemed irrelevant at first thought. Then I began to think about the difference in my current skin care ritual and my pass routine. I used the same products but the intention was different when I looked in the mirror. I went from trying to squeezing in time to harrass my face in hopes of the products magically fixing everything, to creating a ritual that was focus on love, appreciation and acceptance.

Putting self-care on the back burner is a recipe for tragedy, and it happens with the best of us. When the world around starts to crumble and the exhaustion sets in, who has time to play in the mirror. We often place self-care on the bottom of our priority list. But when you love yourself first, everything falls in line. There's a certain peace that comes with self care. A peace that is often overlooked in this maze we call life. See it for yourself by starting the journey with a love-filled skincare routine!

Contrary to what masses think, gorgeous skin cannot be determined by DNA only. Our daily habits impact the tone and quality of what we see in the mirror. While there are a million of opinions from different experts on how to get and retain youthful, healthy, and glowing skin, the fundamental rule remains the same everywhere--Love Your Skin.

Here are our top tips:

Be Patient and Gentle with Your Skin

The secret ingredient to proper skincare that nobody talks about is- time! Whether you are using a high-end beauty cream or a homespun natural potion, you must  be extremely patient with the process. For any skincare ritual to show results, it takes at least two weeks. So get comfortable. Reserve at least 30 minutes twice a day for that YOU TIME. Don't rush yourself. Let your products dry down before applying the next. Don’t be hasty, check for rashes or any other signs of irritations each time. Stop immediately if any and seek the consultation of your dermatologist.


Know what’s going On With Your Skin

 Make informed choices with store-bought skincare beauty products. Not every cleanser, cream, serum, or gel on the market is designed for your unique compatibility. Here's where that quality time pays off. The more you time you put into your routine, the more you're going to notice subtle changes. When using a new product, evaluate your skin after each use. If a product causes a issue, make note of the ingredients in that product. Those things may not be for your unique skin type. Always... Always... Always know what you're putting on your face. Read the ingredients and confidentially research any ingredient that you are unfamiliar with. Just because it says Natural..... you get where I'm going with this. 



Never underestimate the power of natural hydration! Water!!! Water!!! Water!!! The key to life it self. Drinking sufficient water and fluids lets your skin stay rejuvenated from inside like no other. Start paying attention to your daily water intake. How many times did you really drink water today? Are you really getting enough water. We all love our flavored drinks but IT'S NOT H2O. There is really no way around it. I don't care how expensive your gold face mask is.... it can not replace proper water intake. I know.... I know, your best friend's cousins's ex girlfriend Never drink water and her skin is flawless. eye roll. Tell your best friend's cousins's ex girlfriend to call me in 5 years. End of discussion. Drink Water! 

Water not only keeps the skin supple but also cleanses the body inside-out, and thus reducing the chances of pimples, zits, and other skin outbursts resulting from abdominal issues.  


Play your Favorite Music or Podcast during Your Routine

 Yes! Clear your head space with the music and sounds that take you to your happy place. You know.... that place where the unicorns go for drinks after work. That Place. I play different music for my morning routine vs my night-time routine.  This way, the few moments you steal from your daily busy schedule also doubles up as your meditation routine. Try to erase all the stress lines from your face as you go deeper within your happy place. And yes.... feel free to have a karaoke jam session. It gets the blood circulation


 Be gentle

 Your skin is a minefield of little sensitive spots. Go gentle to avoid micro-tears or popping pimples! STOP POPPING YOUR PIMPLES and KEEP YOUR HANDS OUT YA FACE!  The skin on your face is much thinner than the rest of your body. It's much easier to tear and infect. And infection leads to pimples and pimples lead to a not so happy campers and no one likes not so happy campers. They're the worst.


 Let Your Skin Breathe

 Last but not least in the order of importance-- let your skin breathe. Don’t go to bed with heavy make-up. I know you're tired. I understand..... I understand. But you'll thank me in two-weeks. It will only take a sec. Besides, who wants to have to clean their face off their pillow case every morning. That's just too much work. WASH YOUR FACE BEFORE BED PLEASEEEEEE!!! 

Also refrain from applying more moisturizing lotion than can be naturally absorbed in your skin! A little goes a longggggg way. 

Try these tips and let us know your results. Happy Saturday! 

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